So for the friends I have that know me, I used to be huge into Second Life…if you don’t know what that is then it could either be good or bad depending on several things. The short version is that Second Life, or SL as it is fondly referred to as, is a user created, virtual world. Now when I say user created, I mean that almost completely literally, SL was initially an island with some trees and…

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Soundbox: Critical Hit

Don’t worry, the schedule hasn’t changed, Monday is still all about games, the difference today is that it’s about game music, in particular a group called Critical Hit which I stumbled on because Taylor Davis is a part of it…if you’re just joining us I mentioned her Song of Time/Song of Storms video…


It’s been a while since I talked about anything besides movies, games, or whining about how tired I am to do either so let’s take a side trip through paper media and venture back into Manga for a bit, specifically, Claymore. Rated T+ for older teens, Claymore tells the story of, well, a Claymore, or a Silver-Eyed Slayer, they go by many names actually but they have the same purpose, killing Yoma.

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Super Mario Bros… the not so super side


I’m taking today way back in time, to almost any Nintendo fans worst nightmare with the Super Mario Bros. movie. Okay maybe that is a little harsh, it wasn’t a total nightmare but if you were or are a hardcore Nintendo fan either in the 80s or now, you know that this movie was definitely cringe-worthy. On its own, I will say that it isn’t a bad movie, it’s quirky and fun, the story is cheesy,…

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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale


First things first, I’m not going to blast this for being a Smash Bros. clone, it wouldn’t be fair for one, the other is that I’m genuinely surprised it took Sony this long to make their own version of it (this long being in terms of the game being released in 2012 that is). What I will say though is that it never felt like it was truly thought out, like the game had a lot of promise but somehow…

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Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy


I know, this one is going up late, it’s been a long day and I’m surprised I’m still alive after it…then again, it does kind of lead in nicely to today’s movie to be sure. “Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy” explores the Nightmare on Elm Street films from its humble…or rather poverty stricken, beginnings, up to the last appearance of Freddy Krueger in Freddy vs Jason. Detailing the trials…

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The Declining State of MMOs

A few days ago I tried out Wildstar, a new MMO for NCSoft, and through the course of playing I decided two things, the first being that while the game didn’t suck outright, it didn’t shine either, the other was that MMOs are…and have been, going downhill only now it’s getting more obvious. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I feel this way…then again, maybe not, but I’m going to assume you are or…

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I was actually going to do a long post on the decline of MMOs from my perspective, but it’s a holiday and after today I’m beat to the point where I’m lucky if this sentence even makes sense. Monday’s post will be said MMO post though, and yes I personally feel that the quality of MMOs is declining, certainly not the popularity or they wouldn’t crap one out every six months to a year, there is…

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Doc of the Dead


I don’t do this often, because I don’t watch documentaries all that often…they are generally boring even if I really like the subject matter, I will however make an exception for zombies. Well, I used to make an exception for zombies, until I saw Doc of the Dead. At first I thought, how could this possibly be bad, and for the most part it wasn’t…I mean come on it has Simon Pegg, Bruce Campbell,…

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The Lego Movie the Game…the movie game…SPACESHIP!


Before I even get into it, I can tell you that the one thing that makes me mad is that I was foolish enough to buy it through Steam knowing full well I’ve been having issues with games actually working through the platform and in this case it took a lot of tinkering and editing to get the game to run. I was smart enough to beat the story mode in one sitting (about 5 hours), since I tried loading…

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